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FARAZNAMA Engineering Services 


Established in 2000 , FARAZNAMA engineering and trading company has been participating actively in numerous projects providing the requirements for well-known clients country wide. BIPC, Shiraz , Kermanshah,Tabriz Petrochemical companies , Esfahan ,Lavan ,Tehran , Tabriz Refineries and many more are among our satisfied clients . Also Neka Power plant, Mapna group , Sanir PP , Fateh Sanat Kimia, Aban Aircoolers , Tasha Co. , Damafin , and many more are in a long list of our costumers , from which approval for our good performance can be provided upon your request. 
FARAZNAMA Co. provides the below equipment and goods including full assistance from the beginning , installation and start up , full training either on-site or abroad , and after sales services for many years after the hand-over .
Additionally, you are very welcome to visit our demo shop in Tehran at any time .
1. Wide range of equipment and tools for manufacturing, repair and maintenance of Boilers and Heat exchangers , including Expander tools , Expand Units, Orbital Welding ,Tube     pulling, cutting and welding etc. from TECHNODATA , Germany .
2. VALVE REPAIR & MAINTENANCE & TESTING EQUIPMENT ,Valve Welding, Seat & Body cutting , Grinding & Lapping ,Valve Test Benches, Flange facers etc.From EFCO       Germany. .
3. Bolt induction heating Systems from NuovaSimat Italy , for loosening and fastening of heavy duty bolts widely used in Turbines . This cutting edge technology is more than 10 times faster compared to conventional techniques and tools .
4. Manual and CNC heavy duty lathes from MCM S.r.l. Italy.
5. Tube bundle pullers from Ludwig Bauch .

We are providing full services from the above mentioned companies in Iran , as the certified exclusive agent . Upon request , technical services including training in Iran or abroad can be organized .
Additionally , we also accept your inquiries for various goods like Bulk Material، Chemicals، Instruments، Gaskets supplied from world famous manufacturers , and any technical inquiry is warmly welcomed in our organization. Exclusive sourcing and services with help of our offices in Europe is possible as well.
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Managing director , FARAZNAMA.


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